Wipers of auto glass – it’s important to know!

Wipers of auto glassWiper blades play an important role in driving safety. It is important to follow, that the wiper brushes are changed every 6 months, because the proper care of them is the key to preserving a clean and clear visibility of the windshield. Follow the three next recommendations, you can extend the life of your auto glass wiper blades.

Regularly check the condition of your wipers. Here’s what you need to look for checking:

Cracked rubber – cracks and other damage indicate wear.
Rubber contamination – road dust, chemicals may adhere to the surface of the wiper rubbers and as a result rubbing them on the windshield.
Break of rubber – passage of the rubber element of the holder, creating a “clapping” sound during using.
Saw to it that in the washer tank fluid is not ended and don’t allow janitors to work “dry”.

Wear of rubber bands – direct sunlight, extreme temperature change can cause a loss of elasticity of the rubber members, their stiffness and dryness, which will cause an uneven cleaning of the windshield, as well as scratches and scrapes on the car glass.