Washing of the car engine

Cleaning the power unit of the car is rather the whim of the driver than the mandatory procedure. Is it necessary to wash the engine?

Washing of the car engineDirty motor does not differ from the clean one and does not change its performance. There is no clear evidence, how often, how properly clean the engine. But there are some nuances that say that the details better to keep clean.


Dirt in the engine compartment complicates controlling of oil leaks, coolant, brake liquid and so on. It means that if a fault occurs, the car owner may just not be able to neutralize the leak or other problems, and subsequently can detect more serious malfunction.

What about electric (wires, connections, terminals). The resulting coating on them can be a hindrance to good electrical contact details. Another nuance – cleanliness of engine reduces the risk of the fire. In the engine compartment oil drips are formed, which can form vapors during evaporation that can ignite.

The engine can ‘t be washed at high pressure of water , you can damage or wet vital vehicle systems, such as the ignition coil, trembler cover, starter, generator, switch, throttle sensor, rain sensor.