The rumors about AppleCar.

The company may transform the ideas of car manufacturing. Bloomberg has published this news with link to its sources of information.

AppleCarNow the company is engaged in the development of its car autopilot, which is relevant due to the growing demand on the auto pilots. However, Apple has also repeatedly declared its wish to release such car under its own brand.

Not so long ago Bob Mansfield, holding the position of the Senior Vice President of Technologies, has returned to the company. He will lead the change of course and the review of direction in the development of the car project.
Apple has also invited Dang Dodge, the creator of ОС QNX, to lead all the car areas. According to Bloomberg, it proves that the company goes away from the desire of the independent release of the car and can come to the partnership with some of existing manufacturers and 2000 dodge dakota headlights.

According to the agency, the second quarter of 2015turned out to be quite expensive for Apple: the company spent $2.5 billion more on different researches and new developments than during the previous period.