How often should you change the spark plugs?

spark plugs

How often should you change the spark plugs?

The motorists have had different opinions as to the frequency of changing the spark plugs. Some think that you should do it during every maintenance, and the others say that it must be done after a certain mileage.

 spark plugsTo be honest, you should change the spark plugs according to the recommendations of producers of one or another car and the kind of the plugs themselves. If they are made of platinum or iridium, you can do without changing them in hundred kilometers. If your engine is equipped with nickel or copper spark plugs, they shouldn’t be used after 30000 kilometers.

The specialists can’t tell you the certain resource spark plugs, as it is directly dependent on the quality of petrol. If you fill up your car with a bad petrol at least once, there will be a residue on the spark plugs, that can reduce their performance and will break own very quickly.

Note that the spark plugs must be changed in time, as it determines the engine performance. If at least one of the spark plugs is out of order, the fuel can’t doesn’t burn completely. Therefore, the capacity will reduce, and the fuel consumption will increase.