2015 MIDNIGHT EDITION Silverado 1500 Z71 2LT Review

SilveradoThey’re gonna be taking a look at the new 2015 Chevy Silverado midnight edition this is 1 of the special edition trims and I gotta say this thing is very cool if Darth Vader drove a truck he’d probably drive this 1 that is correct this particular 1500 is pretty well loaded you got 4 wheel drive as well as having the 5.3 liter V8 on the inside and you’ve got a lot a luxury features as well like heated, side mirrors and adjustable pedals, it’s got of the convenience package.Aand the LP plus package so it’s a pretty nice truck on the inside as well the been addition, also LED 96 Silverado headlights, comes with these very cool black wheels and this really aggressive all terrain tire. Here’s a shot of the inside of the truck.

It’s got all the features you’d expect you got power locks power windows power seats. Power mirrors got the heated mirrors while that I mentioned earlier got 20 a leg room there’s a pretty somehow storage as well you’ve got the glove compartment right here that folds out 2 separate ways got a pretty somehow space right there than underneath the radio you’ve got another compartment right there as well as having 2 separate outlets you have a standard outlet like you’d see in a wall and then you’ve got the typical car outlet. So that’s pretty nice and you’ve also got a pretty sad about space on the consoles well this folds out like, that and you’ve got some nice organizational things right there and this also folds up to reveal. A middle seat so very cool here’s another view of the interior the seats are cloth but they’re still pretty nice this particular 1500 is a double cab, so you’re not gonna have a tunnel room in the back seat.

But if you have kids or your smaller person you should be fine you’ve got navigation as well as a backup camera the backup camera does have trajectory line so as you turn the wheel you can see your trajectory right there. I’ve always thought that was pretty cool technology there’s also a sliding power rear window and lastly the minute addition does come with an extra black Chevy emblem, the tailgate doesn’t have an emblem on it by default like most the other trucks, do so you can put this on there. If you want to or you can do something else with it and not a wrap up my quick overview of the new 2015 midnight edition Silverado if you’re interested in more of the specifics of this vehicle and all the stuff. I didn’t cover be sure to click the first like a description that’ll take you to our website where we’ve got all the specifications laid out everything you want know about this truck. And there’s also some pictures also went to some high resolution galleries of pictures of this truck so be sure to check that out and I hope you guys enjoy the video if you did be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and I will see you guys next time it is useless to resist.